Real money Roulette - because it’s the real deal

By 24 January 2021

Online casinos are a great thing. They offer you many games, lots of colours, themes and the chance to win some actual money. One possibility is to play Roulette with real money at . But what makes the real money games so special? Why shouldn't you just play for fun, without the risk to lose anything? Well, the answer is in the question almost. That extra incentive of being able to win actual money just makes the games so much more special. You put some extra effort into your thinking process and you have an extra bit of satisfaction if you actually manage to make the right guesses. And you may soon have that extra bit of money in your account.


A step up - but is it a big one?

Of course we always recommend our customers to start with some demo games. These allow you to get accustomed to the feeling about table games online. Whether it is Blackjack or Roulette does not matter a great deal. Getting used to the mechanics is the most important thing at that stage. But we can neither hide away that these games are not quite the real deal. They lack that one extra element, that one extra bit of spice that a really good game just needs. They lack the reward you are looking for if you take your time and some risk to play casino games. It is just one extra step further on to play real money Roulette.

  • Get used to Roulette with demo games
  • Make the step up to real money games when you feel ready

Once you think you know the mechanics well, you can back yourself to hold your own in real money games. By then you should also know some basics about the game. First up you should learn to choose the right game. Or at least you should know that the dealer will always have a slightly higher house edge in American Roulette. Then you should know what the options on the table are. Play courageously and place inside bets straight away. These are the bets on single numbers for example. As a more cautious player you may opt for the outside bets of course, where you can bet on red, black, straight and odd numbers between 1 and 36.

Of course, the inside bets are risky. But if you are an advanced player already, you may know how you can use a strategy to your advantage. One strategy could be to double your wager with every further bet. As soon as you win, you will automatically break even. Be aware that with inside bets, you might soon have to wager a lot of money with this strategy, which is also know by its inventor as the Martingale Strategy. There are various other strategies available. Some are rather simple, while others require not only a lot of time, but possibly also a lot of funds in your casino account. Feel free to read up on them on the internet.

Choosing the right game

Roulette is not always the same. Actually, there are two major types of Roulette wheels available. One is the European version with 37 pockets. These are numbered from 1 to 36 and there is one green field, the 0. Then there is the American version of the game, with 38 pockets. The special feature there is an additional 00 field. This makes it two fields that "belong" to the casino so to speak. For both versions of the game, the payouts are the same. However, the probability of winning is slightly higher in the European game, because there is only one green field that does not lead to a potential payout to the player who has made the right guess.

Before you choose the right game, you might also want to make sure that you choose the right casino. Pick a casino that is doing proper business and not a scam without any interest in letting you win or entertaining you. Proper casinos are the ones that for example have some reputable licences to show. Ideally they would even have more than one licence, so you can be sure that they are compliant with several sets of strict gambling legislation. As soon as a casino has a reason to hide important details like their own contacts or potential licences, this is a reason for concern - and a reason for you not to join these particular casinos.